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    Custom Moissanite Engagement Ring

    Looking for something that you just can’t find? Have a dream piece that you need help coming true? If you’re looking for a custom moissanite engagement ring, you likely know that most jewellers charge an inflated fee to create your dream piece. We are one of the only moissanite jewellers that offer custom designs without a “custom” price tag.

    We do not charge additional costs to make your dream come true. You can count on the quote we give you being similar in price to the pieces we have in stock on our website.

    Fill out the form below and we will get back to you with a quote as soon as we can! Be sure to send us some links or email us some photos too!

    Need some inspiration? Check out our Youtube channel for some examples of our custom pieces. Feel free to send us your Pinterest board for inspiration too!

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    Luxury jewellery at an affordable price tag.

    Contact us to create your custom design.