Handcrafted, with love. For love.

Our ethical, environmentally friendly moissanite engagement rings are handcrafted by our wonderful artisans. Just for you, and your love.

Our priority is you.

By only accepting a limited number of orders per month, we ensure that your ring is our one and only priority.

Unlike other jewellers, we're not here for the money - we're here for your love.

Making love accessible.

By offering affordable engagement ring options without sacrificing quality or style, Vintagetears' mission is to make love accessible and affordable to all.

  • Moissanite

    An affordable diamond alternative that doesn't sacrifice strength or beauty.

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  • Lab-diamonds

    Real diamond, lab grown. The same diamond quality, for a fraction of the cost of a natural diamond.

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  • Other Gemstones

    We offer a range of gemstones in various colours.

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