Warranty & Services


Vintagetears Jewellery Design uses our very own line of moissanite in all of our high quality jewellery. We offer a three year limited warranty on all of our jewellery and stones.

Your Guarantee of Protection

If, during the time of our warranty, your setting is damaged due to a manufacturers defect, we will replace or repair it FREE of any charge to you. Proof that you have maintained regular inspections and care for your ring with a qualified jeweller will be required.


Regular inspections and care include: cleaning and inspection at a qualified jeweller every 3 months. You must contact us as soon as you notice something is wrong with your piece. Do not wait, as it will only get worse.


*If you contact us and say that your stone is loose, and do not allow us to fix it; and then contact us a few months later to tell us you lost your stone, we cannot help you.


Full, Comprehensive Warranty Available

If you are looking for a full, comprehensive warranty, we offer insurance through Jewelers Mutual Insurance. This insurance typically costs around 1% of the value of your ring, and covers anything from loss, theft, damage, etc. We are able to obtain a quote from the Insurance company on your behalf.


We highly recommend obtaining insurance for your ring, whether through Jewelers Mutual or another insurance company. Jewelers Mutual is the most comprehensive insurance targeted toward fine jewellery.


Your Guarantee of Value

Looking to upgrade or just don’t love your purchase anymore? Vintagetears Jewellery Design will happily accept your previously purchased Vintagetears branded jewellery towards your new purchase of regular priced items. Your next purchase must be at least twice the price paid for your original item. Your item must be in exceptional condition and professionally cleaned prior to upgrading.

*This warranty is not applicable to any item discounted by more than 50%.

Exchange & Refund Policy

As all items are custom made just for you, we do not accept exchanges or refunds.

Permanently Registered

Your purchase is registered and full records are kept for future reference. Appraisal Service by a qualified gemologist can be arranged to assist you in establishing the insurable value of your purchase again loss of theft. We recommend that you consider insuring your jewellery against these circumstances, please discuss this with an insurance broker in your area. Appraisals are offered at an additional charge of $150.

Mounting Guarantee

Vintagetears Jewellery Design guarantees your original mounting to be free of all manufacturers defects in workmanship for one year. If any manufacturers defects should arise within one year from the date of purchase, we will repair your mount free of charge. This limited lifetime warranty does not cover theft, mysterious disappearances, loss or damage other then normal wear.