0% Financing Offer

Affected by inflation and the looming recession, but don't want your dream engagement ring to suffer? 

At Vintagetears, our priority is to ensure your ring dreams come true by offering 0% financing with no credit check on all engagement ring purchases. 

How it works

  • Select which engagement ring design you would like to purchase, and contact us to let us know that you will be requesting 0% financing.
  • You must pay a deposit of $500 at the time of purchase, with each monthly payment being at least $500 (except the last payment, which will be the remaining balance due)
  • You have the option of placing a credit card on file (kept securely) or transferring the balance via e-transfer each month.
  • Please note that if one payment is missed or returned due to NSF, you will have the option to attempt payment again the next day. If the payment is missed or returned a second time, your outstanding amount will be forwarded to a debt collection service.

So when does my order ship?

Depending on the order total, we will advise you prior to payment of the estimated ship date. In some cases, we must wait until 100% of the payment is received before we can proceed with shipment; but typically, we start production after 50% of the purchase price is received. 


This offer is currently only available to customers located in Canada.